Ensuring the excellence of university programs

The LabEx LipSTIC plays a leading role in the training offered by the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, not only at the doctoral level but also at the undergraduate level and within the Master Innovative Drugs “Sciences Technologies Santé: Mention Biologie santé”. Some topics covered in these training courses have been defined with the assistance of LabEx LipSTIC teacher-researchers and are at the heart of its activity. The innovative character of the topics of interest of the LabEx LipSTIC and the quality of the courses offered contribute to the level of excellence achieved by the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and its members, as well as to its national and international influence.

The Innovative Drugs master is now part of the INTHERAPI Graduate School (INnovative THERApies, Pharmaco-imaging and multimodal Imaging) which was created at the start of the 2021 academic year as part of the SFRI UBFC-InteGrate project (UBFC International Graduate Institute). Backed by the doctoral mission and built around 7 master’s programs spread over the various sites of the UBFC, this multidisciplinary training project of international scope aims to deploy “graduate programs” (integrated master-doctorate courses), in the fields of cancer immunotherapy, targeted inflammation therapies, drug sciences, nutrition, pharmaco-imaging and multi-modal imaging. These educational axes reflect the strong themes of research in health sciences at UBFC, developed within the 9 partner laboratories of the INTHERAPI Graduate School as well as the two Clinical Investigation Centers in the region, and encompass the axes of research of LabEx LipSTIC and EquipEx IMAPPI, with which GS INTHERAPI works in close collaboration. The objective of GS INTHERAPI is to train high-level professionals through and for research in an international framework, in order to respond to the major societal challenges of tomorrow, which are personalized medicine and innovative and targeted therapies.

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