Raised public awareness, shared knowledge

The LabEx LipSTIC wants to share its discoveries with the scientific community and all the audience concerned. Due to the originality of the research program, its multidisciplinary dimension and its strong potential for innovation, the number of scientific publications from LabEx teams is increasing rapidly.

In medical or paramedical congresses, health professionals can be informed of the most finalized and most concrete advances. Some events bring together scientists, caregivers and manufactuers, such as the international Taste-Nutrition-Health congress organized each year by the Vitagora competitiveness cluster.

To disseminate scientific and technical culture to the general public, LipSTIC participates in various national (Science Festival, Researchers’ Night) or regional (e.g. Expérimentarium) events. A partnership with the Academy of Sciences has been established with the “Terre de Louis Pasteur” Foundation.