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Nom: Acar
Prénom: Niyazi
Téléphone: 0380693269
Nom: Creuzot-Garcher
Prénom: Catherine

Eye, nutrition and cell signalling

Lipids display a large variety of functions in the retina including structural and functional roles. As they are associated to pathophysiological events, they also present a high therapeutic value. Within the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behavior (CSGA) in Dijon, the Eye, nutrition and cell signaling research group aims at studying the roles of lipids in the physiology and dysfunctions of the retina in relation to age-related retinopathies. One if not the main strength of the group stands in its translational research approach that is led at experimental level and in human studies.

For the LipSTIC Labex, the blood-retinal barrier is a unique tool to investigate the potential use of lipoproteins as natural vehicles for molecules of interest. This team works on:

  • the use of lipoproteins as vectors for natural bioactive compounds
  • the prevention of age-related eye diseases, including Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

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