WP 4 : Scientific and therapeutic knowledge and innovation for health

WP 4 : Scientific and therapeutic knowledge and innovation for health | Responsable : Christine Peyron / Olivier Galibert

The general objective of the Work Package 4 is to propose an interdisciplinary expertise in SHS on the diffusion of knowledge and therapeutics in connection with medical research in the field of LipSTIC LabEx.

This WP brings together researchers in the humanities and social sciences: economics, information and communication sciences, sociology, public health, law.

The four research teams, with specific and complementary contributions and skills, are doing research downstream from discoveries. The researchers try to understand the barriers and levers that allow discoveries to become innovations. They are working in the social, economic and legal spheres, in health organizations and care practices, in professional and patient communities. The multidisciplinary and interdisciplinarity research to cover all the dimensions of dissemination in society and in care.

Main objectives :

  • New care organizations conducive to the dissemination of knowledge and therapeutic innovations
  • Digital, dissemination of knowledge and practices, controversies on pathologies and treatments
  • Law, economic and communication issues of new therapies

Les équipes concernées :

Laboratoire d’Economie de Dijon – (EA 7467)

Équipe d’Économie de la Santé – EES

Centre d’Investigation Clinique de Dijon (Inserm CIC1432)



Laboratoire en Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication de Bourgogne Franche-Comté

CREDIMI : Centre de recherche sur le droit des marchés et des investissements internationaux

Droit pharmaceutique et du médicament