Lipoproteins and Health: Prevention and Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases and Cancer

The LabEx LipSTIC is a unique multidisciplinary research program in France: it brings together 19 academic research teams and 4 private companies. It contributes to the long fight against the scourge of cancer while aiding progress in the areas of transplantation and inflammation. It is based on the original and ambitious idea of using lipoproteins to:
– prevent the occurrence and progression of non-vascular pathologies, such as cancer and inflammatory diseases;
– transport water-insoluble bioactive molecules (lipids or drugs) to the diseased organ;
– neutralize and transport pro-inflammatory bacterial compounds to the liver for their elimination. Lipoproteins have been the subject of many studies in the cardiovascular field, but it is only recently that their role in cancer and inflammatory diseases has attracted increasing interest. Their use to prevent, diagnose or treat these diseases mobilizes the LabEx LipSTIC teams.

In addition to biological and clinical research, the LabEx LipSTIC relies on the interdisciplinary expertise of teams in the humanities and social sciences to work on the dissemination of knowledge and therapies related to medical research in the field of the LabEx LipSTIC, around 3 main themes:
– reflect on new care organizations conducive to the dissemination of knowledge and therapeutic innovations;
– innovate in the digital sector, dissemination of knowledge and practices, controversies on pathologies and treatments;
– take an interest in the legal, economic and communication issues of new therapies.


What is a LabEx?

The “Laboratories of Excellence” action aims to provide to a selection of laboratories with international visibility significant resources in order to enable them to compete with their foreign counterparts, to attract researchers and teacher-researchers of international renown and to build an integrated policy of research, training and high-level promotion, as well as a policy of wide dissemination of knowledge.

A "Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir" (PIA)

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This call for projects, endowed with €7.7 billion, should enable the emergence in France of 5 to 10 multidisciplinary centers of excellence in higher education and world-class research, capable of competing with the largest universities in the world. In 2012, an 8-year grant was granted to the LabEx LipSTIC as part of the PIA, extended in 2020 for 5 additional years.
It has forged links with several other future investment programs: IMAPPI, EIPHI, INFLAMEX, GR-EX, MAbImprove…

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